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Pierce Trainer Jim Lee

Jim Lee

New Apparatus Trainer

Contact Halt Fire's main office at 248.669.0800 to leave a message for Jim.

My name is Jim Lee. My home is in Livonia, Michigan. I am not a Fire Truck Salesman. My profession has always been heavy truck mechanic. So please let me tell you a small part of my life's story.

I appreciated fire trucks as a young kid at 5 years old. I started my career in 1957 as an official junior fire person with The City of Plymouth FD. Thank you Capt. Sandy Burr. In my High School years I worked for my Grandfather (He is the reason I picked up wrenching) in the summer as a Northville Coach Bus mechanic.

I was drafted into the US Army in 1966, became a wheel and track mechanic, went to Vietnam in 1967 with the 51st Maintenance Light Direct Support Unit. After Nam I went to Fort Hood Texas, 1st Armored Division. Wound up in 3rd/2nd Artillery (Honest John System) then to 1st/6th Artillery (155 Self-propelled Howitzers). I was on the 4th Army Mobile Vehicle Inspection Team.

After the Army, I started my Fire Truck passion. 1969-70 I worked as a Heavy Truck Mechanic for Young Equipment/Joyce. In 1970 Joyce Fire Truck split off from Young's and I went with the fire trucks. I became familiar with Seagraves, American LaFrance and Joyce fire equipment. In 1973 I went to work for Livonia Fire Department as its Senior Fire Apparatus Mechanic. In 1978 became Fire Apparatus Supervisor Chief Mechanic.

I retired from Livonia FD 2001. In 1986 went to work for Schoolcraft College as their Fire Chassis/Fire Pump Operations and Fire Pump Testing Instructor. As of to date I still am. In 2002 I became Halt Fire Inc. Chassis and Fire Pump Trainer.

So now you know a little about me. When you purchase a Pierce Fire Truck from Halt Fire, I will be at your department for your chassis/pump training on your new Pierce. I'm looking forward to seeing you soon.

Ted Lilley

New Apparatus Trainer

Email: tlilley@haltfire.net

Or contact Halt Fire's main office at 248.669.0800 to leave a message for Ted.